These 150 Santas are taking Christmas in July to a whole new level.

These guys are making up for the fact Christmas is still months away.


Image via The Local

Christmas has come early in Denmark with more than one hundred and fifty Santas gathering for an annual congress, coming from across Europe, Asia, Africa and America. There is no part of the world too far to travel to when it comes to Denmark’s annual Santa Congress, which is obviously one of the most important congresses out there.


Image via Voa News

The 61st International Congress kicked off in Copenhagen this Monday, with men and women in red braving Europe’s heatwave (although the temperatures in Denmark itself have been quite pleasant this week) and donning their Christmas suits to participate in three days of Santa centric activities, including the World championship of the annual Santa Claus Obstacle Course where the bravest Santas will battle for the position of Ultimate Santa.

Summer in Europe makes a pleasant break from The North Pole, with groups of Santas enjoying the warmth by the ocean, with traditional red and white bathers of course!

Julemandstræf på Bellevue strand

Image via The Local

The Congress began on the 23rd of July and will end on the 26th of July but is not all fun and games, with the conference also being a professional forum for Santas to compare notes and to network with a large cohort of fellow Christmas specialists; the event also highlighting how different cultures around the world with their own versions of Santa celebrate the holiday.


Always remember, when in doubt party like you’re Santa, the jolly gift-giver always knows how to have a good time, even five months away from Christmas. Merry (well in a couple of months) Christmas everyone!


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