Ten food combinations that shouldn’t work, but totally do.

By Azalea Tewhenua.

Want a more interesting snack when you’re feeling peckish? Check out these amazing food pairings, which may sound gross but taste amazing.

1.) Bacon and ice-cream.  Don’t judge a book by its cover, crispy bacon with this cold treat is a melt in your mouth combination. 

2.) Bacon Pancakes.  Who said only sweets can top pancakes? We here at Teensoul think bacon can be added to anything.

3.) Maltesers and Popcorn.  It’s not a good movie trip without this mix. Salty and sweet, pretty much the perfect snack. 

4.) Fries and a sundae.  Hated by many, loved by more. 

5.) Fish fingers and custard.  Who would’ve thought? Thanks Doctor Who for this one, we think it’s amazing. 

6.) Great Australian snack, salt and vinegar chips with bread . Trust me, it tastes good I promise. Have you run out of vegemite? Try this instead. 

7.) Banana’s on toast.  Go bananas! Maybe add some peanut butter as well to create your own mini dessert pizza at home.  

8.)  Hot sauce and cauliflower.  It’s always good to spice things up a bit.

9.) Chocolate and Vegemite.  Doesn’t hurt to give it a go.

10.) Peanut butter and pickle sandwich. This sounds gross, right? I dare you to try it.


What is your favourite odd food pairing?


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