The Ten Most Australian Photos on the Internet

By Azalea Tewhenua.

Yep, it’s about to get pretty Bogan here at Teensoul.

1.) No Christmas tree? No problem. 


Image via Pinterest 


2.) Shrimp on the Barbie anyone?


3.) Crikey!


4.) G’day mate…


5.) Big night out for this bloke.


6.) This really does happen guys, I promise!


7.) Did somebody say cake? 


8.) Fancy the perfect Australian lunch? Just drop by your local Bunnings and grab a famous Bunnings snag. Never lets ya down.


9.) May the Force check your speed. (Yes, yes- before you comment, we know Storm Troopers don’t have The Force). We’re going with it anyway. 


10.) Our Snowmen are totally legit. Who needs snow?






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