Annarine Chapman, artist of the week

By Tiana Jones.


Our artist of the week is Annarine Chapman, a Western Australian artist with a keen interest in conservation artwork. She is the owner of Mahina Arts, where prints of her work can be purchased on chopping boards, t-shirts, shoes, cushions, clocks, and even watches.


There is a playful tone to Anne’s art, which is definitely animal focused. From my interaction with Anne I leant she is a mixed media artist, with an attitude of “the more unusual the better.” Metallic paint markers, acrylic and watercolour paint are often used in conjunction within Anne’s pieces, with mediums varying from canvas to paper and even wood.


Lilac breasted Roller
27cm (W) x 40cm (H)
Watercolour Paint

Anne has been sketching and dabbling in the world of art for over eighteen years, but only in the last five years has she taken her work to a professional level. Anne divides her time between Western Australia and Tonga, with a studio set up in Vavaʻu, where she spends between three and four months a year, with the wildlife of the island often providing inspiration. Two animals that often crop up in Anne’s work are the Orca and the Turtle, partially because of Anne’s love of the ocean but also to promote awareness of marine conservation efforts that are in desperate need of funding. Getting funding for ocean conservation and research projects is something that can’t just be put on the backburner, our beautiful ocean needs protecting now.


Majestic Mahi Mahi and Yellowfin tunable
40cm (W) x 40cm (H)
Watercolour Paint

In the last several years, Anne has used her talent and her passion for ocean conservation to help fundraise for several conservation charities and crowdfunding projects, including the Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation, donating her art to raise funds and awareness for marine research. When asked about what is behind her passion for conservation art, Anne responded with insisting on the importance of prevalence. “I guess the message I want to pass on is that it does not matter what life throws at you there is always another door that opens when one door closes and that unless you take a flying leap of faith you will become stagnant and despondent. I would never have pictured myself as an artist, yet here I am giving to causes that I feel need it and loving the joy my art brings to people.”


Metallic ocean love 95cm (W) x 95cm (H) Mixed Media $1,025

Anne’s path to art has not come easy, with hardships marking the path, including having to give up a thirty year nursing career after a devastating workplace accident. After her accident Anne found her love of art reawakening as an outlet, which resulted in Anne branching out and experimenting with different mediums- eventually leading to a market for her art online.

Anne was very humble when speaking about her art, telling me “I am not the best at what I do but I love it.” The love and passion in Anne’s art speaks volumes, and every piece has been carefully and lovingly crafted. Looking for something different in a wrist watch? Check out Mahina Arts on Zazzle today. Or to purchase original artwork in a more conventional format, check out Annarine Chapman’s own online store.


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