Game review: Fortnite

By Azalea Tewhenua


Image via PSsite


Epic Games’ 2017 hit Fortnite is a survival-action game, which can be played solo, in a squad or offline. Online is the most popular option for the majority of gamers.  The objective is to be the last person or squad alive out of the one hundred players in each game. The game is played on one vast map which includes many diverse townships with hidden loot to be collected by each player in order to take down any opponents. Although this may sound easy, the trick to the game is the shrinking map as time ticks down.  The map shrinks as a deadly storm approaches and eventually takes over the whole map.  Get stuck in the storm and you’re in a tricky situation.

Fortnite is a great fit for those who are exceedingly competitive and love a good challenge.  The game is free although it pushes players to make further in-game purchases to receive special features. The loading screen after each launch reads “early access” and has created many predictions that there is more to come, which may include costs.

The game can be played on Play Station 4, Xbox One, PC, or most recently released, your mobile.  In order to play on your mobile you’re expected to sign up for an invite from Epic Games due to a limitation on the players allowed.  This has upset many gamers but is expected to change overtime.

The graphics displayed throughout the game are cartoon-like and child friendly.  Although this game uses weapons heavily, the violence is not particularly graphic. Fortnite is recommended for ages thirteen plus, but many players fall between the ages of ten and twelve.

As mentioned before, Fortnite is played on one big map with many individual townships including Tilted Towers, Tomato Town, Salty Springs and Dusty Depot just to name a few.  By foot is the only way of travel to each location unless you have a launch pad in hand to fly to a close-by destination. Foot may seem like a long and slow way of travel, but it is very convenient when the map becomes tiny.

The game starts with all one hundred players in a flying bus waiting to jump out and parachute to their desired location.  Once they land players can collect up to five items in their bag. These items can include of weapons, shields, bandages, or first aid kits.  Along with these items, each player can collect up to nine-hundred and ninety-nine pieces of wood, brick or steel to build cover for protection from enemies.  If you’re playing in a squad, a player can revive their team member if they have been knocked out.

Fortnite attracts a large audience and appeals to a large variety of people.  The game pushes you to strategize by providing ways for you to use resources to build fortresses to protect yourself, but if you prefer something a bit less difficult there are also easier options like hiding in buildings or bushes.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is extremely addicting and is easy to play for long periods at a time because of its fast pace. I rate this game an eight out of ten and think all gamers should try Fortnite at least once.


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