Artist of the Week: Emily Parker

By Sophia Golovanevskaya


Emily Parker, 2016.


Emily Parker’s art consists largely of intricately detailed and colourful sketches. Her favourite mediums include biro, texta and watercolour paint. She describes her own style as ‘all things messy’, with a typical piece usually involving paper cut outs, sticky tape, glue and hand-written quotes.

Emily demonstrates her artistic talent through her seemingly spontaneous works. Although her paintings are seldom planned, to the viewer they appear as perfectly-timed expressions of genuine artistic emotion. She works mainly from her sketchbook, resulting in the majority of her works resembling a style of intense scrapbooking.

Emily Parker, 2016.


“I’d like to move in the direction of using acrylics and canvas one day, but I’ve grown so attached to my sketchbooks which to me are like a diary and are a more intimate place to keep everything.”

Emily’s works mainly revolve around, and are inspired by, the overall human condition. The claimed ‘messiness’ of her works, including her heavy repetition of line drawings, reflect the depths of emotion experienced by the human psyche.

Emily Parker, 2014.


Her sketches and paintings consist mainly of detailed and abstract portraits. The combination of biro colours and watercolour paints often give the effect of slightly-skewed, ‘underwater’ expression.

“I resonate with the term ‘expressionism,’ meaning, ‘A painter, writer, or composer who is an exponent of expressionism, seeking to express through their work the inner world of emotion rather than external reality.’”

We sat down with Emily to ask her more about her art…

When and where do you usually do your art?

I’m almost always alone, that’s the only real prerequisite. Any day or time I find some time to myself, unhindered by the gaze of others… because when people are looking at me or what I’m doing, I start to critique everything.


Where do you usually get your inspiration from?

I draw a lot of inspiration from the way someone looks at me, a conversation, a song, a book or a feeling. It comes from everywhere really. I’m inspired by the world, which sounds cheesy but happens to be true. Music also helps and always gets me inspired to create something, particularly live music where the musician’s emotion is so raw.

How does your art grow from your personal experiences?

My art collection grows exponentially when life goes wrong. But when all is going swimmingly it’s hard to maintain the drive to create. I’m grateful for boredom and hardship because it brings me closer to art. I find I have less inhibition in my paintings when I’m having a rough trot in life, which is excellent for trying new mediums and drawing relentlessly.

Does art double-up as therapy?

Definitely. It gives me a safe place to put everything down, unequivocally. It’s a sense of pride and accomplishment and it’s a language in and of itself, it’s communication with yourself and those who choose to stop and glance at it. It’s so unique to anything else.

What do you do when you’re lacking inspiration?

If I’m lacking inspiration, it’s almost always because I’ve spent too much time on social media where I’m inundated with art and comparing myself to others. So, most of the time, I’ll disconnect from social media, set up a small space for myself and put some music on.

What advice would you give to a young artist like yourself who might be feeling afraid or vulnerable about putting their work out there?

Sometimes, doing exactly what makes you uncomfortable is the best thing you can do for yourself. You learn a lot and liberate yourself by pushing past what makes you afraid. If it all goes wrong, you’re still learning, and that’s still a beneficial experience.

What are your creative goals for the future?

Simply to continue creating, amidst the hustle and bustle of life. To stay motivated to paint and draw and remember the solace art brings and to practice this hobby and craft until I can’t any longer.

2016Emily Parker, 2017.


To keep up with Emily and her artworks, follow @lunul3paints on Instagram.



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