Lucy Peach: Power of the Period

By Georgia Siciliano

Girl in Hat

Lucy Peach. You might know her as being one of the most successful folk musicians to come out of Perth, taking out accolades such as West Australian Music Best Folk Act of 2016. But in recent times, Lucy Peach has been renowned for being the ‘Period Preacher’.

Since 2008, Peach has been using her menstrual cycle as a guide to her creative works and way of life. Having a background in health education, she has stemmed off her musical career and put together a Fringe show about the menstrual cycle!

After winning Best of Fringe 2017 for her show ‘My Greatest Period Ever’, Peach was back and better than ever with an added All-Ages show to the lineup for the 2018 Fringe Festival, ‘How to Period Like a Unicorn’. Taking inspiration from her own menstrual experiences, Peach has created a show with the intention of educating and entertaining women, especially teenagers, about how their period is NOT a curse, but a guide to life.

Lucy Peach delves into the idea of women thinking that there are only two phases of the menstrual cycle; on and off. THERE’S NOT! As Lucy would tell you, there are four different phases in the menstrual cycle, and it is vital that we, as awesome kick-ass chicks, listen to our bodies, give them what they want and use certain phases to our advantage.

Joined by her lovely husband Richard Berney onstage as the official live artist, Lucy Peach delivers a wholesomely empowering show that leaves every galpal walking out with a newly discovered superpower; HER PERIOD! Filled with songs, stories, a guaranteed learning experience and sheer entertainment, this is a show you want to witness at least once in your life.

Lucy and Richard will be taking the show to Melbourne Comedy Festival which is happening April 9th-27th. So if you’re in Melbourne, be sure to check out this super incredible show!

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Lucy Peach socials


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