Artist of the Week: Micca Young


micca art

‘Self Reflection’ by Micca Young

BY Joy Ong

How would you describe your style?

I like to reflect bits of my personality through my art. Most of my paintings are surrealistic. I use soft and pastel colours. I’d say they’re a bit quirky and generally really calming. I like to create a world that could maybe exist— like in my last painting, where I put huge roses in the sky. Just things like that.

How do you think elements of your personality and your personal experiences are reflected in your art?

One painting that I did last year titled ‘Strawberry Milk’ was inspired by a childhood experience. My mum would always ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and every time I’d just say that I want to pour my own strawberry milk, because I love strawberry milk. So, I painted myself as I child with strawberry milk poured all over myself.


‘Strawberry Milk’ by Micca Young

Where do you get artistic inspiration from?

I started off with manga like Naruto. Now I just see different artists’ styles. People like Mike Ryden that paint in surrealism and have really quirky pieces. Heaps of my paintings are mostly inspired by my emotions. Just whatever I’m feeling, I like to portray that in my paintings.

Where is your favourite place to create art?

Anywhere I can, really. In a nice, comfortable space. I like to paint in natural light. I need to be by myself when I paint, I don’t really like to talk to anyone or anything. It’s an isolated thing I do.

Can you run me through your creative process from start to finishing a piece?

For most of my paintings I sit down and get a piece of paper. I sketch random things and shapes and just see what I can do with them. When I see shapes, they can remind me of something, then I expand on them. Develop it from there and add things. Then, I do a proper sketch and go straight to the canvas. Sketch on the canvas and go from there.

How would you define art?

Art is my way of portraying myself and reflecting the person I am. Once I get started with a piece it really helps me take my mind off of everything. I think art can be anything that someone creates, and puts effort and meaning into.

Being fresh out of high school, how do you think public schools represent and acknowledge art in their education system?

Being at school really pushed me to actually do my art. A lot of the time, I start on something and can’t be bothered finishing it. Doing art at school really pushed me to do the best I can, because it was being graded. I had teachers who really encouraged me and supported my art. I think my school did a really good job of acknowledging art and overall encouraging it.

What piece of advice would you give to a young artist struggling to find their own style?

I really wanted to find my own art style while I was growing up. Just get inspiration from different artists who stand out to you and add your own twists that reflect who you are. Don’t be discouraged when you see other artists who are better than you, everyone is on their own journey— just keep drawing.

Micca art3

Untitled by Micca Young

To follow Micca Young and her creative works, check out @miccasart on Instagram



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