Q&A: Grievous Bodily Calm


Artwork by Lauren Jane Salt, photography by Alec Thomas.


Grievous Bodily Calm are an innovative local jazz/beat band from Perth, W.A. They mix old-school jazz tracks with well-timed, rhythmic hip-hop and funk instrumentals to create a totally organic body of sound. The band recently released their first complete album, ‘Thought Tapes, Live’, which was promoted as a feature album on our favourite local community station, RTRFM.

The band has played at multiple, intimate 18+ venues around Perth, including The Bird, Jack Rabbit Slims and El Grotto in Scarborough. Earlier this month, the group was also selected to perform at the 2017 Camp Doogs music festival.

GBC showcase a combination of dynamic sounds and an advanced understanding of musical elements. They have recently been nominated for Live Act of The Year for W.A. by RTRFM and the National Live Music Awards (NLMA’s), as well as also having been nominated for the Most Popular New Act by WAM, which you can vote for at this link: http://themusic.com.au/wamawards.

They will perform at 18+ venues for WAMFEST hosted in Perth, however, their new album can be purchased for $10.00 as a digital copy off their Bandcamp page at grievousbodilycalm.bandcamp.com or streamed for free at https://soundcloud.com/grievousbodilycalm/sets/thought-tapes-live.

Alex from GBC answers a few Q&A’s for Teensoul…

When did you first decide to record and share your music? 

We’ve been a band for around a year now. We’d been playing a fortnightly residency at El Grotto in Scarborough for a few months and the venue approached us about recording a live show. That resulted in the record we just put out ‘Thought Tapes, Live’.

How old were you when you learnt your first instrument, and what was it?

I personally started playing the drums at around 8 years old, that was my first serious instrument.

What does your ideal gig look like?

Probably at a venue with a smaller stage, up close to the crowd and with good sound. Definitely helps if the venue is full too.

If you could pet any animal in the world, what would it be?

We have a band dog at our rehearsal space and I think I can speak for all of us when I say that nothing beats pattin’ that dog.

Would you rather eat a handful of poison ivy or a handful of wasps?

Well first of all, you’d need to specify if a handful is literally a handful or just a measurement, because handling either would suck before getting it anywhere near your mouth. But then, if it’s a measurement, how does one get said options into their mouth, some sort of applicator? I dunno, a lot to unpack there…. I’d probably go poison ivy, on account of there being some sort of fibre content. We over here at GBC are health freaks.


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