WAMFEST 2017: All Ages



It’s hard to believe that anything can compare to last years’ four-day Western Australian Music Festival; which won the Au Award for ‘Australia’s Live Music Event of The Year’, featuring 160 plus local acts over a fun and exciting weekend hosting a vibrant atmosphere.

It’s even harder to believe that this year’s WAMFest will not only live up to those expectations, but completely outdo them. With new event coordinators, there’s going to be an array of new and upcoming local Perth acts, all trying to make a bold name for themselves. The all ages music event will also be accompanied by family-friendly activities, including circus challenges, gourmet food vans and other creative fun.

The all age’s festival, presented by Drug Aware, will be held at BIC Reserve Bassendean on the 5th of November, running from 2:00pm – 6:00pm. The venue will be showcasing the works of Ah Trees’ indie pop and moody electronic tunes, the mesmerising lyrics of Ruby May and her funky soul band, as well as the crazy loops of the one-man band— Sam Perry. The festival will be brought to an end by the much loved, energetic 8-piece band, The Brow. What more could you ask for on a Sunday than a FREE music festival. Did we mention it’s FREE? because it is!

Prior to WAMFest, the yearly WAMAwards hosted on Thursday the 2nd November, acknowledges the work of well-deserved artists and other important aspects of the local music scene.  To stay up to date with what’s happening in Western Australian music; keep an eye on the awards.

Check out the WAM website for more information: https://wam.org.au


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