Classic Feel Good Tunes of the 80s


Whether you’re listening to these golden oldies for a hit of nostalgia or because you feel like jumping for joy or you just wanna dance with somebody, you can’t deny there is a certain naivety and innocence to the hit songs of the 80s that you just don’t feel present in today’s pop. Here are 15 songs that I love to listen to and I’m sure you will love too…

Girl Crazy – Hot Chocolate 

Starting with an upbeat tune and cheerful whistling this uplifting song is sure to bring a smile to your face.


Morning Train (9 til 5) – Sheena Easton

Old fashioned but sweet. A song about the stay at home wifey type and hardworking man. This song personally always makes me smile with its upbeat tune.


Neverending Story –  Limahl

A song that will fill you with whimsical nostalgia for the magical movie of your childhood. A truly beautiful and magical song.


Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

Haven’t you ever just wanted to let loose? This song will sum up those feelings of just wanting to go crazy. A truly quotable and original song that everyone’s heard of. If you haven’t you’ve been living under a rock.


I wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Housten

Ah, the queen of the 80s, Whitney Houston, I can’t think of a better female vocalist of her time period. This song will make you empathize with Whitney and want to grab a dance partner yourself whenever it comes on.


Jump – Van Halen

A Classic and one of Van Halen’s biggest hits. A song many people know of but few know that David Lee Roth reportedly came up with this motivational song after seeing a TV news story of a man threatening to kill himself by jumping off a building. He supposedly thought “well he might as well jump.” Nonetheless, this song will make you feel like you want to leap at any opportunity. There are also some undeniably epic keyboard cords and guitar riff in there.


Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield

A song that will stick in your head for days, and if you’re anything like me, bring a certain name into your head when you hear it. Listen to this song more than a few times and you’ll find yourself belting out the main chorus “I wish I had Jessie’s girl!” whether you have a Jessie of your own or not


Walking on Sunshine –  Katrina and the Waves

This one is a real classic. A song everyone knows, and for good reason. There’s not a happier song I can think of.


Take on Me – A-Ha

Released in 1984, Take on Me was A-ha’s first single, and by far the most popular one. A great song about an unrequited love.


Everybody wants to rule the world – Tears for fears

Words of wisdom from a great band. This one is definitely worth a listen to if you’ve never heard it before.


Let’s Dance – David Bowie

An excellent example of a brilliant and timeless musician’s work. Let us never forget David Bowie and all the wonderful music he brought to during  his time on earth. I hope he is jamming in heaven with Kurt Cobane right now.


Forever Young  – Alphaville

One of my personal favourites. To me, it brings up feelings of how fragile life can be and how we should live life to the fullest while we are still young. A very calm and quotable song. It will fill you with a certain feeling that I cannot explain. You would have to listen to it to understand.


Sunglasses at Night – Corey Heart

The recording sessions for the album took place in a studio whose air conditioning/heating vents were directly above the mixing console. Air from the vents blew directly into the faces of the control room personnel, so they often wore sunglasses in order to protect their eyes according to co-producer Phil Chapman, hence sparking Corey Heart’s inspiration for this song. When you really listen to the lyrics you realise how creepy this upbeat song is, as it talks about following a girl at night. However, in a certain sense that creepiness adds to the song. It doesn’t hurt that it has some awesome guitar chords in there too!


Don’t you Forget About Me – Simple Minds

Ah yes, nothing brings back memories of Judd Nelson pumping his fist in the air in triumph at the end of the iconic film the Breakfast Club, like this song. Other than the great movie it’s attached to, the song alone is brilliant.


We Didn’t Start the Fire – Billy Joel

Joel expresses his feeling that the fire, meaning all the craziness in the world, didn’t start with the children of the 80s, but rather was always around and always will be. This song certainly has a lot of deep meaning behind it that can prove to be rather thought provoking, when that’s coupled with a catchy chorus, it’s no wonder this song was such a hit in 1989.


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