Top 5 // Local Bands to Watch


The Perth music scene is filled with a vast range of sounds, a collection of the wacky and creative band names and of course, raw talent. Take a look at just a handful of bands who are doing cool things at the moment and are definitely some to keep an eye out for!


Demon Days have brought such a unique sound to the Perth music scene with their jazzy vocals, busy bass lines and neo-soul fusion drawing in quite a following, and only in the short time of just under a year. The band have been gigging like crazy, playing up to two to three gigs a week at local venues such as The Rosemount, Badlands, The Bird and their June residency at The Odd Fellow. After their sell out Single Launch mid-May at Mojo’s for their sweet, sweet tune Hurricanes of Light, Demon Days are definitely a band to watch out for.

Click for Deman Days’… Facebook, Instagram, Triple J Unearthed, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and Youtube.


Sly Withers are what you’d call the ultimate indie pop-rock band, made up of catchy-ass guitar riffs, faultless Aussie-accented harmonies, one heck of a mosh and four cool dudes. The band has been playing together since high school and haven’t stopped since, which is an explanation for their super tight shows, engaging stage presence and established sound. The band has released a truck load of music including their singles; ‘Nike Shoe’, ‘I’m Fine, Good Enough’, and their debut self-titled album released last year which went down an absolute treat. To add to this lengthy list, the band will be releasing their single ‘Closer’ on July 1 at Jack Rabbit Slim’s which I can highly recommend you partake in if you want a guaranteed banger of a night, supplied by the Sly Withers boys themselves.

Click for Sly Withers’… Facebook, Instagram, Triple J Unearthed, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and Youtube.


Segue Safari’s lo-fi indie pop sound with its fresh vocals and groovy chord progressions has taken the band to great places including last year’s grand final of Perth’s biggest band competition, The Big Splash, in which the band took out third place. After releasing their debut EP ‘Friends’ last year, Segue Safari have teamed up with Group Therapy Records and released another vibrant and feel-good EP ‘Salutations’ just the other week at one of Perth’s best gig venues, The Bird. Who knows what the Safari boys will bring to the plate next, but I’d be keeping an eye out if I were you!

Click here for Segue Safari’s… Facebook, Instagram, Triple J Unearthed, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and Youtube.


Airline Food are not only experts when it comes to plane snacks but they also know a thing or two about writing killer alt-psych pop tunes. The boys from Airline Food have been amazing and released a whole bunch of music for our earholes, including their recently released ‘Backyard Session’ EP.  As the title suggests, the EP was recorded in one of the boys’ backyards which was also the location for their live EP performance music videos, including their cover of Mac Demarco’s ‘For The First Time’ which features as the last track on the EP. The band’s tight performance, powerful synth, catchy multi-pedal guitar riffs and snappy bass and drum grooves make for a quality show that is worth top dollar.

Click here for Airline Food’s… Facebook, Instagram, Triple J Unearthed, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and Youtube.


Wooly Mammoth are an indie-dream rock band, consisting of high-quality musicians, clever arrangements and catchy-as-hell tunes. The band have recently released their double single, ‘Arrival’, which they launched at The Rosemount successfully, pulling in a whopping 280 people! The band have already got more recording time booked in for another glorious single that I’m sure will knock our socks off the same way their other tunes have done. The band’s powerful presence and colourful sound makes for an energy-filling experience to see live or listen to in the car. Trust me when I tell you that you’ll be singing Wooly Mammoth tunes in the shower for weeks.

Click here for Wooly Mammoth’s...Facebook, Instagram, Triple J Unearthed, SoundCloud, Spotify and Bandcamp.


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