Top 5 // Perth Vintage Stores


Vintage shopping is not only an adventure but good for the environment and your pocket. If you need help hunting for goodies here are our top 5 Perth haunts…

1.Vintage in Wonderland: If you’re wondering where all the cool guys and gals shop, head down to Shop 1 Westgate Mall, Cantonment Street Fremantle and fall into the funky rabbit hole that is Vintage in Wonderland. It prides itself on being the sickest place to find the hottest streetwear. Unlike a lot of vintage stores which have preserved all the authentic looks of the past, Vintage in Wonderland has filtered out all the old fashioned pieces leaving you with a wide range of hip vintage pieces that are wearable now. Not a fan of digging through racks and racks of vintage clothes to find something wearable? This place takes all the time out of searching, giving you a vast selection of uniquely trendy pieces for you to choose from.


2. Bluebird Vintage: Bluebird Vintage in Wembley is a treasure trove full to the brim with retro treasures. There is something intriguing everywhere you look with cabinets crammed full of charming old collectibles, jewellery, accessories and homewares. Of course you can’t forget about the clothes! Not only do they stock authentic vintage pieces, they sell them for an affordable price too. One of my most worn outfits is a gorgeous  1960s, oriental style midi dress purchased from this store for just $39.99. At Bluebird Vintage you feel like you have travelled back in time a few decades and entered an adorable, little boutique. It embodies a charismatic retro feel throughout the whole store, an attraction so many modern vintage stores miss the mark on.


3. Retro Vinnies: Surrounded by hot high fashion boutiques this op shop keeps up with its more expensive competitors, selling not just any vintage or second-hand clothing. Don’t mistake it for your regular underwhelming thrift shop, Retro Vinnies stocks rare quality clothing at fantastic prices.  So many gems are to be found in this store. Do not be surprised to find designer items here with tags still attached, selling at less than half its original price. Let’s not forget all of their proceeds go to charity, talk about fashion for compassion!


4. Fi and Co: Fi and Co mixes a range of vintage clothing with current fashion labels, all of which combine into a collection that can only be described as prettiness with an edge.  The mannequins in store are always styled to perfection, tempting you to purchase the entire ensemble! I’m yet to visit their relocated William Street store but from their posts on social media I’d say they’ve come back better than ever.


5. Oh Henry Vintage: Have fun following the rainbow of fabulous frocks dating from the 1920s to the early 1990s at Oh Henry Vintage. Whether a certain garment suits your style or not, each article of clothing can be appreciated for its unique beauty. The shop owner Betty has exquisite taste, making her one of the best vintage collectors in Perth. You are sure to swoon after every fabulous piece the store showcases before leaving with your new favourite outfit… or two.



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