Top 5 // Perth Independent Art Galleries


1. PAPER MOUNTAIN, Upstairs, 267 William St, Northbridge, Perth
Paper Mountain is an artist run initiative constructed by volunteers. The contemporary group folds together creative and like-minded people, which result in the creation of profound and meaningful art exhibitions.
The collective usually holds multiple exhibitions per month, unifying the community and producing an enthusiastic discussion on current issues. Paper Mountain also offers artist talks and encourages the use of their artist space and a common room for members to collaborate, explore, discuss ideas and interests.

Tessa Beale, 2017, Shadow Study, Paper Mountain, photographic print.

2. THERE IS, 49 Stuart St, Northbridge, Perth.
Art, economics, retail and communication collect on the corner of Stuart St and Fitzgerald. A place attractive for an enjoyable morning coffee but the unexpected contemporary art gallery takes a simple experience to the next level. In true collaborative fashion, this art gallery offers intelligent art exhibitions, an intriguing pop-up flower market and an irresistible urge to get involved. There Is, continues a conversation with their current event blogs and keeps you up to date with calm contemporary news.

Douglas Kirkland, 2016, Icons and Idols, There Is, photographic print.

3. MOANA project space, 1st floor, 618 Hay St Perth.
Residing in a heritage Ballroom space Moana’s focus consists of supporting Australian writers, curators and young ambitious artists. Biannual callouts for project proposals reinforce their program’s goals of generating exciting events and exhibitions. Found in the essence of Perth’s creative culture, Moana’s most recent art exhibitions include Trying to Control Flowers, a reassessment of Australia’s colonial history, and Flux, an exploration of integrating film and photography with the archaic technique of weaving.

Myrto Angelouli and Fiona Gavino, 2015, The Feminine Undelineated, Moana Project Space, digital still from single channel time lapse video.

4. GOTHAM STUDIOS, 57 James Street, Northbridge, Perth.
Growing out of an urban renewal period in the 1980s Gotham Studio’s leading goal is to accommodate artists with inner city workspace and occasionally collaborate for exhibitions and projects. Peek-a-Boo, their gallery space is defined as “the smallest gallery in the southern hemisphere”. It can be experienced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of the metropolitan footpath. This allows individual and experimental contemporary art to develop and prosper at street level void of corporate influence.

Tegan Jenkins and Kate Leslie, 2012, Looking through the shit to see the stuff, installation detail, mixed media.

5. STUDIO 281, 281 Guildford Road, Maylands, Perth.
Two venues in one location, Studio 281 innovates the art scene and introduces renowned international and national artists to a relaxed and friendly environment, and the Ferguson Foundry boasts a large adaptable space for hire, suitable for original contemporary curations or private events. Both spaces are funded from a variety of services, expert handmade framing, diverse murals, art hire, hanging, and home consultancy. The other thing these two authentic spaces have in common is a welcoming, friendly and approachable attitude to their curious visitors.


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