TOP 5 // Camping Spots Just Outside of Perth

By Georgia Siciliano

Whether camping is your thing or not, we all know that getting outdoors and amongst nature always has a way of rejuvenating the body and mind. It allows us to disconnect from technology and connect with the natural beauty of our breath-taking West Aussie landscapes and scenic views. If you are in desperate need of a camping cleanse to fill your body with pure serenity… here is a list of the top 5 amazing camping spots at our doorstep!


1.Lane Pool Reserve, Baden Powell Campsite – 1.5 hours from Perth


A beautifully forested region of WA nestled around the Murray River. If the weather is nice for some water activities, you can bring a canoe or kayak and paddle up and down the river. If you’re feeling brave you can even go for a dip at the top notch swimming spot, Lane Pool. There are also some great bushwalking trails including the King Jarrah Trail and Bibbulmun Track. In the cooler months between April and November, campfires are permitted so be sure to stock up on marshmallows and scary stories.

2.Honeymoon Pool, Wellington National Park – 2 hours from Perth

The name may be deceiving but this beautiful camping area is not just a destination for the recently hitched. The glistening water surround by lush forest is the perfect spot for a relaxing swim. The campground has barbecue facilities but if you’re feeling adventurous then there are also fire pits available to cook up a yummy feast and of course roast some marshmallows! Close by is Black Diamond Lake, known for its stunningly blue waters, great for a day trip.

3.Conto’s Campsite, Boranup – 3 hours from Perth

Conto’s is a large, sheltered campground nestled within shady peppermint trees close to Conto Springs Beach. The well-known Cape to Cape trekking trail is very close by if you’re feeling up to a scenic walk, darting in and out of coast. Otherwise, you can swim, fish and surf at your leisure with easy access. Even better, campfires permitted from April-November!

4.Stirling Ranges, Mt Trio Bush Camp – 4.5 hours from Perth

The camp is situated amongst a naturally peaceful bush land bordering the Stirling Ranges. It is an idyllic base for exploring the ranges with only a quick drive to world class hiking locations.  There is also a vast range of different wildflowers and orchards close by if you want to avoid hiking blisters!

4. Sandy Cape Recreational Park – 3 hours from Perth

The white sand and turquoise water makes this the perfect place for a beach getaway. With safe swimming conditions and the whole bay to fish and soak up the sun, you can’t get much better than that. Even when the wind picks up, the campgrounds are nice and protected amongst the shady trees, the perfect kind for hanging a hammock!

So what are you waiting for? Pack up the car and get discovering!



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