Ziggy Alberts Start Over Summer Review

By Amelia Rigby

Ziggy Alberts is a singer/songwriter from the East coast of Australia. He started off writing songs at the age of 17, just him and a guitar, now at 22 he has stayed true to his incredible raw voice and acoustic sound.

Ziggy has gone from busking in the streets of Byron Bay to his most recent national ‘Start Over Summer’ tour selling out gigs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Ziggy and his crew have driven along the coast of Australia performing and surfing as they go.

The concert I attended was an underage concert, his second in one week because the first was sold out. The venue was Head Quarters, YMCA. A small building, but had a unique, grunge style. The room could fit 150 people at most, and it did. The room was packed, which made the space feel connected. The walls were covered in posters of music bands, writers, concerts and festivals. The room was dark, except for the stage. The stage lit up the whole room. I felt very connected to the people around me, Ziggy too. For some reason I felt instantly inspired and full of life. As soon as he started to sing, so did the whole room. We all came together to appreciate his music. And he led us with a beautiful smile.

Via Ziggy Alberts.com

Ziggy is a very intelligent human who sees the world through positive eyes. He spoke about his travels, telling stories that will inspire you to strive for what you’re passionately about whether it be a career, a girl, a boy, a place you want to live or to make a difference not just for yourself but for others.

His passion for the environment and living an authentic life is evident even in his concert experiences. Ziggy’s dedication to environmental conservation is so genuine that he opted for electronic over print tickets at his gigs.

Each of his songs tells a personal, inspiring story. He explains the context in which he wrote it, which forges a unique bond with his audience, that I found it truly inspiring. For example; the song warm coffee is about a girl he met at the markets in Byron Bay, and how he thought he would never see her again. Naturally, two months later, they ended up meeting again and dating for years.

The day after his concert I decided to venture down to my favourite cafe in Cottesloe for a coffee. After ten minutes, Ziggy and his crew began to fill the very same café. We meet and I told him I was at his concert the night before. He talked to me about his school life and how it taught him to persevere and appreciate the small things. He was an incredibly genuine and down to earth guy with a huge smile. I hope the rest of his tour goes as incredible as the concert I was privileged to attend.

Via Ziggy Alberts.com

Ziggy is an incredible role model with his passion for the environment and philosophy for life demonstrating that living an authentic life is far more important than conforming to expectations or social norms. His next album called, ‘Four Feet in the Forest’, comes out at the end of his tour, where he finishes in Byron Bay at Splendour in the Grass.

If you like chilled out music that you can connect with and love music that tells a story, Ziggy Alberts is incredibly worthy of a listen.

Header image via This is Radelaide.com


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