Why You Should Donate Blood

By Georgia Siciliano

Many people in our society are lucky enough to live a happy and healthy life but sadly there are those who are not so fortunate and suffer each day from serious health problems. That brings me to the question that has been posed upon me; why should we donate blood?

We should donate blood because there are people in our community that need blood products to combat serious illnesses such as cancer. Others have conditions that require them to have regular intakes of blood products in order for them to live a healthy life and inevitably stay alive. About one-third of blood donations help treat people with cancer, the other two-thirds are used to treat people having surgery, anaemia, kidney disease etc. Just one blood donation can save three lives!

How does the donation work, you ask? Well for starters it doesn’t cost a cent! The process only takes about an hour which is an hour spent relaxing on a comfy couch either watching TV or having a binge stalking session of your current insta crush. To make things even better, you even get a free drink and snack at the end.

Free food and saving people’s lives seems like a pretty awesome thing to do, am I right?!

If you would like to find out more information about donating blood and to find out if you are eligible to do so, please go check out the Red Cross Blood Service website. You can even read up on some stories of people whose lives have been saved because of receiving blood donations and find out the location of your nearest donation center. So what are you waiting for?

Just click on this link to get involved: http://www.donateblood.com.au/



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