A Terrifically Terrible Gift Guide

By Kelsi Taylor

With Christmas fast approaching it can be difficult to find time to shop for those perfect and hard to find gifts. If you need help finding something hilarious for that special someone we have compiled a list of some of the greatest gag gifts the internet has to offer.



This gift will help your Christmas crazy friend fully embody the Christmas spirit. This classy take on Christmas couture will be treasured by your special someone. The Christmas hat and accessories or seamlessly composed into one stunning ensemble perfect for the Aussies summer heat.

Get it here:



Prank your siblings or friends with these fiery treats. Hang them on your Christmas tree or wrap them in a Christmas card for the unsuspecting target. This wasabi coated candies are sure to be a fun addition to any Christmas shindig.

Get them here:



screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-12-00-00-pmThis ornament is sure to add a bit of sizzle to any tree. This glistening slice will take their decoration game from regular to spectacular. When Christmas is over they can hang it in their car, decorate their room or even wear it as a tasty accessory to celebrate the deliciousness of bacon all year round.

Get it here:



We all have that one friend who lives and breathes memes like we breathe air. Satisfy their pop culture addiction with this classic shirt that pays homage to the biggest meme of the year.

Get on here:




This gift is perfect for the friend who knows the only real use for this man. The genius of this product lies in its simplicity.

Get it here:



Now this is what Christmas is about…making a friend’s magical dreams come true. These flippers will help your friend be the talk of the local pool or beach. They will Make everyone jealous with their ability to glide through the water like the majestic mermaid they are.

Get it here:
Classic MerFin – Adult



Make someone’s life a bit easier this Christmas by gifting them this stylish and practical innovation! These shoes make house work effortless by picking up dust from around the home and they’re comfortable, what else could you want in a gift?

Get them here:



This is a seriously sweet gift that will help save any abandoned cup of coffee. The giant cookie plugs it into your computer’s USB port and heats your coffee cup whilst you work!

Get it here:



How adorable is this burrito blanket? The gift is hilarious and practical for the youngest member of the family.

Get it here:



Everyone needs socks and Christmas is a very common time to restock the motherload, so why not have some fun with it? These hilarious numbers come in a range of superhero themed designs, all with their own cape. The person will be flying around the lounge room in no time.

Get them here:

So jump online and order these truly unique gifts. Be the secret Santa that haunts their Christmas dreams!


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