Where To Shop This Cyber Monday If You Want To Save Some Serious Dosh!

By Vivien Pua

The envy Australians harbour toward Americans due to our lack of Black Friday sales is a thing of the past. Cyber Monday is the Black Friday sale for the entire planet where online stores dramatically mark down their prices for 24 hours of shopping bliss. All you need is the Internet, moolah and you’re good to go!



img_0860If you haven’t already spent a good portion of you depreciating bank balance here, then you should. Urban Outfitters is the mecca for ~grooviness~ and with free shipping for orders over $50 and $50 off for every $150 you spend, it means you’ll probably be spending $150.



Bringing it back home, Lucy In The Sky is perfect for formal wear that is not too formal. If you’re seeking minimalism and want to take a break from excessive floral prints and bright colours, be sure to visit this site today and score up to 60% off all styles.



ASOS needs little introduction; the fashion giant carries over 200 brands from Adidas to Reclaimed vintage. On top of existing sales, you’ll score 20% off everything this weekend with the coupon code ‘GOGOGO’ applied at the checkout!


Gaining popularity all over the world, STYLENANDA is the epitome of the evolution of East Asian street style. With perpetual sales on top of their more than reasonable prices, you’re sure to snag yourself a bargain. Free shipping is also a plus!


img_0870Like STYLENANDA, Chuu is sure to give you that Downtown Tokyo vibe. Korean makeup is plentiful and the figures won’t leave you too far below your usual level of brokenness. Sales on now so you should probably hurry.

*Cover image courtesy of Urban Outfitters.


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