10 Things To Do When Exams Are Over

By Sarah Makse

What’s that sweet smell in the air? Why that’s the smell of freedom because your exams are almost over! Time to say goodbye to those dodgy highlighters, make confetti out of your palm cards and burn your trusty tracksuit – it’s your time to shine. If you’ve forgotten how to live a life outside of study we are here to rehabilitate you, with 10 things to do when your exams are over!

1. Binge watch a new TV series.


If the hype of Stranger Things didn’t reach you in your deep, dark book cave, then jump on that Netflix train immediately. If demogorgons aren’t your cup of tea, how about rewatching a classic like Freaks and Geeks or The Inbetweeners?

2. Step into nature.


Get some rays and take in all of what mother nature has to offer. Spend a day lazing at the beach with a dozen slices of watermelon and your favourite book. Rustle up your backpack and go on a day hike with friends. The world awaits!

3. Sleep in till the afternoon.


Snooze that alarm clock…. permanently. You don’t have anywhere to be or any schedules to follow!

4. Go on a road trip.


Take out your map (google maps that is) and plan your next adventure. Get a group together and sharpen your marshmallow toasting sticks for a camping trip. Road trips are an inexpensive alternative to long holidays, are easy to plan and a great opportunity to just chill with some of your favourite people!

5. Work it out!


You’re not too busy to exercise anymore so why don’t you go trampolining, go for a skate or swim at the beach. Exercise doesn’t have to be your enemy, sign up for some classes and bring your friends along… at least you’ll be struggling together!

6. Spring clean.


Clean out all your excess notes, paper and clutter from the past school year. You’ll feel so much better when your room is organised and zen with your school supplies out of sight and out of mind.

7. Volunteer.


Find a local cause that may need a helping hand and donate some time to people who will really appreciate it. There are plenty of charity Christmas appeals looking for helpers so get Googling and find a cause that you are passionate about. Maybe volunteer to write for us?

8. Treat yourself to something special.


Go shopping for a new outfit, bake yourself a cake, buy that game you’ve had in the cart for 6 months…you deserve it! Now is a great time to treat yourself because who knows what you’ll need to spend money on in the new year.

9. Dress up and go out.


Say bye bye to your comfortable study outfit and throw on something special! Go out for dinner with friends and bask in your achievements or just chill at home, because we all know that getting ready is always the best part.

10. Celebrate. 


Party. Party. Party! Because you know what, why not?!








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