5 of the Hottest Fitness Activities to Do This Summer

By Candece Kenrick

A guide to fitness fun!

Tired of boring old running or walking and need something to spice up your fitness routine? With summer coming up quickly, we’ve come up with alternative fitness ideas for a more enjoyable fitness regime.

Aerial Yoga – Air yoga Perth

Air Yoga Perth

Image Source via Air Yoga Perth.

Air yoga classes focus on building muscle tone and improving flexibility whilst using a hammock for assistance. The structures of the classes are designed to accommodate every body’s fitness and flexibility types. These are fun classes that you can either do in a class by yourself or with friends.

The Megaformer – La Fit Studio Perth

LaFit Studio Perth

Image source via La Fit Studio Perth

The megaformer is a machine that is made to do the most effective workouts at a high intensity with minimal impact on the joints. Incorporating exercises such as strength, cardio, balance, core training and flexibility all in one machine, it is definitely one you have to try at least once in your fitness regime!

Triathlon Pink – charity event

Image source via Triathlon Pink.

Why not train for a triathlon whilst raising money for a good cause? Compete in running, swimming and cycling on November 20th for Triathlon Pink, and all proceeds from the event will go towards breast cancer charities.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding – Soul Kite Perth

Image source via soul kite Perth.

Spend two hours learning how to paddle board standing up with Soul Kite Perth, giving you an extreme workout that focuses on all muscle groups. Honestly, what’s better that being at the beach in summer? Nothing. This is just a fun extra thing to do if you are board of swimming. (Get it board? Like paddleboard.)

Xtend Barre – Perth Pilates Studio

Image source via Class Pass Addict.

An exercise that will get you all moving and dancing is Xtend barre. Xtend is a fast paced full body workout that lasts 55 minutes and incorporates dance, Pilates and sculpting exercises into a ballet barre workout. This strengthens and stretches the body to improve flexibility and muscle tone. Go to a class by yourself or bring along some friends, it’s something different and gets your sweat dripping!

So now you know there’s more to fitness than just running and walking so give one or even all of these activities a try this summer!



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