Grace Neutral: The Queen of Body Modification

By Joy Ong


Grace Neutral, dubbed the “Alien Princess”, is a 26-year-old, ex-ballerina turned tattoo artist. She has become both famous and infamous for her unconventional look. Her body has been modified to the the degree that she resembles a character in a Steven Spielberg film.

Neutral’s purple inked eyes have captivated her cult 444k Instagram following. Her modifications include scarification, a procedure in which the skin is deliberately cut out of the body in shapes in order to create intricate scars. She later admitted to eating the skin she cut out of her left cheek. Her ears have been surgically pointed by cutting out a portion of the top of the ear then sowing them together, giving them an elf-like appearance. She had her tongue split at the back of a tattoo studio. She even has had her belly button removed and suspended in resin to give to someone she felt was special.

During an interview with i-D magazine, Neutral explained how she found self empowerment through the modification; “I went on this journey I guess. I had to prove to myself on so many levels that I could deal with this. Because if I can deal with this I can deal with anything.”

The quirky and kindly-spoken Alien Princess is an influential advocate for self love. She has walked for Ashley William in London Fashion Week, redefining beauty standards. Whilst spreading her positive message she is still constantly faced with critics, a prejudice and unwillingness to understand.

However, her message of self love is something everyone can learn from; “The only thing that is important to me is that when I see myself, I’m happy. I can go to bed at night thinking I truly am myself. When you are a hundred percent yourself, I think you are most beautiful. That’s all I can really ask for.”


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