Painting for a Cause: C Shells by Chloe Tucek

By Tanya Ajwani

Year 11 student Chloe Tucek is inspiring us all with her endeavour to contribute towards an underprivileged community in Vietnam. Chloe has started up her own business called ‘C Shells’ where she creates tasteful pieces of artwork using seashells. We can guarantee that by the time you’re done reading this interview, you’ll want to get behind this talented artist and amazing cause!


What was your motivation behind starting up C Shells?
At first I had only painted on shells as a bit of a hobby for myself but as I continued and I received so many great comments, I thought it may be an opportunity to increase my fundraising savings for my trip to Vietnam.


What inspired you to get involved with the volunteer trip to Vietnam?
My older brother had gone on a similar trip and it sounded so great. It was an experience that was a bit different and something I had never done before. I thought that it would teach me to be more independent, helpful, grateful and respectful towards others and what I have.


Do you have a particular goal in mind with what you would like to achieve through C Shells and your volunteer trip?
I would really love to come back from the trip knowing I have helped the children in Vietnam and that I raised the money fully by myself which I think would make me appreciate it more. It’d be great to know that people have bought my art to support me and my trip also.

How are you managing your business with school, especially during a hectic year like year 11?
Sometimes it can be difficult but I mostly try to leave painting my shells for the weekend rather than during the week so that I can concentrate and study as I need to, however I still don’t always have time to paint due to other commitments.


Is there a particular artist that inspires you?
I don’t exactly have a particular artist that inspires me, I don’t know of many and just like to do my own thing, but I do appreciate the different types of art that are based on landscape and natural environments.

How long does it take for you to make each piece?
The time it takes me to paint the shells ranges from approximately 4 to 7 hours, and it usually depends on the detail of each photo I use to paint the shells. It takes so long because I use toothpicks (paintbrushes are too big for shells!), and nail polish to paint each shell.


Do you think you will continue with C Shells after coming back from your trip to Vietnam?
When I come back I’m still going to continue selling C shells and use the proceeds towards my next venture.


Inspired yet? Don’t forget to follow C Shells on Facebook and show your support for Chloe’s business!




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