Get Fit with H.I.I.T! A Beginners Guide to High Intensity Interval Training

By Candece Kenrick

Are you new to exercising? H.I.I.T is one of the most effective ways to burn calories, lose weight and build muscle. Personally when I started on my weight loss journey fitness was and has been, the hardest thing to do everyday, but with H.I.I.T it is the optimal way to burn the calories I need in a short period of time.


So what is H.I.I.T? H.I.I.T stands for High Intensity Interval Training and consists of someone completing a circuit of high intensity exercises  interspersed with short breaks. H.I.I.T workouts are short but super effective. You can do these exercises easily at home with no equipment. To maximise your efforts you can also download an interval timer app for these workouts.

So you’re a beginner to H.I.I.T? No need to feel intimidated you can carry out any H.I.I.T workout you find online, but just make sure you target it to a beginner’s level. Here is Teensoul’s recommended H.I.I.T session for beginners:



Active rests classify as a light jog or brisk walk nothing too intense but something that keeps the heart rate steady.

Repeat the whole H.I.I.T sequence 1 time for Beginners (5 minutes), 3 times for Intermediate (15 minutes), and 5 times for Advanced (25 minutes).

I highly recommend incorporating a H.I.I.T workout into your routine as it will maximize the calories you burn and will leave you feeling absolutely amazing about yourself.  So what are you waiting for? Get fit with H.I.I.T!



Model: Amy King

Photographer/ Stylist: Sally Zhou


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