The Battle of the Northbridge Fried Chicken!

By Joy Ong

 There was once the war of Edward and Jacob. Then it was Blac Chyna and Kylie. With the approach of October, a new battle has begun. The Battle of the Northbridge Fried Chicken!

Mid 2015 saw the birth of Chimek. A brand new Perth based restaurant, bringing together the tradition of fast food with the incorporation of Korean-American cuisine.

Chimek Chicken


Introducing the people of Perth to the legendary Korean combination of Chimek, referring to the word “chicken” and the Korean word for beer, “mekju”. Chimek’s soulful innovation and LA inspired charm has been captivating foodies for months.

Their menu is representative of their cultural fusion, serving creations such as their Kimchi Burger and their Cheesy Cayenne Beer Battered Chips. Chimek’s juicy and fresh textures combined with eclectic food-truck style presentation, makes for a truly “Instagramable” meal!

As I bit into my usual Chimek Original Southern wing I noticed a construction building directly across the street. It was the same familiar yellow that Chimek had plastered all over their store. However, this new establishment read “Nene Chicken”. Instantly I could sense the undeniable tension of the chicken rivalry!

Nene Chicken quickly opened and began serving customers their own Korean fried chicken. Nene means “Yes Yes” in Korean, and is a franchise that has been running since 1998. With similar concepts and price points, the only thing that could declare a winner was their chicken.

NENE Chicken

NENE Chicken

The pieces in Chimek are larger and definitely seem like they use less commercial chicken. Chimek’s chicken batter is much thinner and crispier whilst Nene’s is thick and buttery. They both are tender and juicy, with a wide range of flavours. Chimek’s menu is much more westernised and modern, whilst Nene is acquired to a Korean style. Chimek’s taste is overall more home-made and takes a more daring and dynamic approach, whilst Nene has a more traditional fast food taste!

Whilst both businesses remain busy, the battle lingers on. James Street is bustling with full bellied customers, hungry for more fried chicken.

So head on down to Northbridge Perth, try the chicken for yourself and pledge your allegiance for team OG chicken or the new chick on the block.


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