Productivity Hacks to Crush Your Exams

By Laura Green

Trouble focusing? Struggling to stay at your study desk? Is the anxiety of your upcoming exam period stressing you out beyond belief? Look no further, because Teensoul has the answers to help you through while remaining productive and motivated.

Work Hard, Play Hard

One of the biggest mistakes students make before exams is driving themselves into the ground by studying 24/7. Of course it’s important to study hard, but the more you push yourself, the more you’re going to feel burnt out. Make sure you’re balancing your life; create an optimal routine where you have time to study, exercise, relax, socialise, and commit to any hobbies or interests.

Image via Legally Blonde Inspirations

Image via Legally Blonde Inspirations

Go Green

We’ve all heard by now that spending time around nature and greenery inspires creativity and mental wellbeing, but another benefit of the outdoors is that it can help make us be more productive. Taking a walk in the sunlight and fresh air clears the mind, boosts energy, and halts the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. You’ll feel refreshed and awake in no time!

Image via The White Notebook

Image via The White Notebook

Become a Creature of Habit

There are three main elements to effective studying; motivation, planning, and self-discipline. Each one hinges on the other to build a strong level of productivity; however, self-discipline seems to be the one that most people struggle with. Routine is the key to building up unwavering self-discipline, so write yourself a daily ritual, dedicating time to your biggest priorities.

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

Find your Inner Calm

Ever heard of meditation? I know, it’s a strange concept, sitting on a mat and shutting your eyes for hours, but fear not. Just five or ten minutes of meditation has actually been proven to help you stay focused throughout the day, so pull out your yoga mat or a comfy cushion, find a quiet space, close your eyes, and cue the tranquillity.


Gif via Buzzfeed

Set the Timer

Ever heard of the Pomodoro Technique? It’s a technique where you set a timer, on an app such as Forest, for just twenty-five minutes, and focus all your energy on one task for that time frame, and no more. It gives you a simple but effective way of entering into a task without feeling the pressure to complete the entire thing.

Illustration by Maori Sakai

Illustration by Maori Sakai

Track the Syllabus

This is the best advice any student can possibly follow for success. Are you still feeling absolutely lost? The most effective way to find out what you don’t know is to check your notes off against your syllabus. That way, if you have any gaps in your knowledge, you’ll know exactly what’s missing and ensure that you cover everything.


In the end, there are a million tips to help you be your most productive, much of which is trial and error. Always consider your learning style when approaching schoolwork, adjust your routine accordingly, and don’t forget to relax even when you feel like you could explode with stress – it happens to the best of us. Soon your marks will be soaring.



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