The Greatest Moments of New York Fashion Week 2016

By Niamh Fairhurst

New York Fashion Week, the week every fashion fanatic has been waiting for! The fashion industry is changing immensely with designers such as Christian Siriano and Michael Kors celebrating diversity by employing a variety of models of all shapes, sizes and cultures in their shows. From models dazzling the runway in hijabs to Bella Hadid taking a tumble, NYFW 2016 was full of many hits (and misses). But these events make it just that much more interesting!

Reshima Qureshi, the 19-year-old who survived an acid attack in India two years ago which disfigured her face and left her blinded in one eye took to the catwalk for the first time for Indian designer Archana Kochhar.

Acid burn victim Reshima Qureshi prepares to walk the runway

Acid burn victim Reshima Qureshi prepares to walk the runway.

Qureshi said that she was proud to be a part of fashion week, which was made possible by FTL Moda a group committed to challenging beauty stereotypes. “I want to tell the world – do not see us in a weak
light and see that even we can go out and do things,” Qureshi said. Her courage and persistence is admirable and she shows people that they should love themselves for who they are!

Muslim designer Anniesa Hasibuan’s fashion show was one of the first by an Indonesian at such a well known event. She was inspired by her hometown Jakarta to create such beautiful clothing and said she believes that last night’s show was a huge leap forward in Indonesian fashion, from H&M releasing an ad showing a Muslim model in a hijab to Dolce Gabanna releasing a line of Hijabs.

Models wearing hijab's on the NYFW runway fro the first time.

Models wearing hijab’s on the NYFW runway fro the first time.

It also linked with the with the ‘modesty movement’ that is becoming so popular in fashion, and many well known designers are creating more modest clothing such as full piece swimwear, which has recently become extremely popular.

Nineteen year old model, Bella Hadid was one of the models walking in the Michael Kors show on Wednesday, September 14 at NYFW. Her appearance soon became memorable as she lost her balance while wearing huge six inch heals, and tumbled to the ground.

Bella Hadid trips at Michael Kors.

Bella Hadid trips at Michael Kors.

For some reason nobody came to help her up, instead grabbing their phones to record the embarrassing moment. However, Bella got back up and continued to strut down the catwalk like the true professional that she is! She later took to social media saying ‘Guys I’m a professional break dancer now I forgot to tell you.’

Finally, fashion is celebrating diversity and reflecting the real word on the runway and I can’t wait to see what effect this will have on the rest of the fashion world.


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