Rise and Shine! 6 Tips to Survive Your Morning Alarm

By Georgia Siciliano

Source via Flickr

Source via Flickr

Don’t you love when it’s the middle of winter, you’re wrapped up in your doona and it is so toasty and warm you would do whatever it takes to hibernate in that position until summer?

But then, just when you think it couldn’t get any better…

Beep beep! Beep beep! Beep beep!

Ugh, there it is again, the sound we all hate but hear every morning; our alarm.

Whether it is to get you up to go to work, school, early morning rehearsals, or that exercise program that your super energetic friend has made you do, I think we can agree that most of us would rather be cozied up in our beds enjoying the thing teens live for the most; sleep.

Waking up early, which could be 5am for some and 9am for others, is just one thing amongst the many day-to-day challenges in a teen’s life that we must face and push through.

For those of you that are awesome at waking up, good on you! But for those that are thinking ‘meh not so much’, we’ve put together some tips to survive your alarm.

6 Tips for Surviving Your Alarm:

1. Get an Early Night
Getting an early night’s rest is going to help the waking up process so much. Rather than cutting back an hour of sleep, you are simply moving your rest time one hour ahead which should have no effect on your body during the day. By making a few bedtime adjustments you’ll feel like nothing has changed.

2. Positive Thinking
Positive thinking is critical in these situations. When you hear that alarm go off, try and think about what you can gain from the activity you are about to get up for. It might be that you have to take the dog for a walk before school because your mum is making you otherwise she won’t let you go to that really cool party on the weekend. Rather than thinking of this as a chore, think about the fact that you might cross paths with the really cute guy from down the road who goes for runs every morning. How’s that for positive thinking?!

3. Prepare the Night Before
Preparing the night before will reduce the chances of you curling back up into a cocoon, falling asleep again and being late or just that horrible feeling of guilt about being an ultimate slacker. By doing something easy like laying out your clothes for the next day, it will create a sense of motivation for you and also give you less to do when you crawl your way out of bed the next morning.

4. Reward Yourself
Rewards, yes please! Now I’m not saying that you should act like you’re a puppy in need of some training with the help of treats but perhaps allow yourself to indulge in something that will motivate you to wake up. For example, you could go and buy yourself your favourite chocolate bar after school as a treat for getting the best start to your day or even let yourself have a binge session of your current TV series. By doing this, you’ve automatically given yourself something to look forward to for the rest of the day.

5. Use a Nice Sounding Alarm
The typical Beep beep! Beep beep! isn’t what you’d call the ultimate music-to-my-ears tune. So to make the first tune of your day sound amazing, why don’t you try making your alarm one of your favourite songs? It will still wake you up but at least you have a soundtrack for your morning pump up sesh.

Lastly, JUST DO IT! When you hear that alarm go off at the crack of dawn, just get up straight away without any hesitations. Just count to 3 and get up, as if your bed was a ticking time bomb. Before you know it you’re up and ready for the day. Wasn’t that hard was it? I guess I make it sound easier than it is.

I hope these tips will come in handy for all you sleepy heads out there and that your journey to life outside of the doona cocoon will be a whole lot easier.


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