Overwatch Game Review

By Andrew Dewberry

Blizzard Entertainment’s new game Overwatch is a team based, online multiplayer first person shooter. Its defining feature is its current roster of 22 playable heroes, all with their own unique movements, skills and abilities. These heroes are divided into four classes; Offence, Defence, Tank and Support. The game currently has 12 maps with game types such as Assault, Escort and Control.

This game is addictive and fun as well as challenging. I highly recommend it to people who enjoy playing video games competitively or even just for fun with their friends. The game’s graphics create a Disney animation type of aesthetic. And the environments and character designs look absolutely stunning. Each map is set in a different part of the world such as cold mountainous Nepal, the postcard perfect Mediterranean town Ilios and even the soon to be released Eichenwalde; an old and abandoned war site on the outskirts of Germany. These maps all have their own backstory and Easter eggs that fit in Overwatch’s lore.

However, Overwatch’s gameplay in terms of content is actually quite shallow at the moment. You can pretty much play all the games maps and game types in just a couple of hours. But in saying that, Blizzard are always updating the game by adding new heroes, maps and other game modes. And the developers have put a lot of time and effort into the story of Overwatch’s heroes and you can explore this through other mediums such as the Graphic Novel series and Short Animated Films. Which brings me to my favourite part of the entire game…the heroes themselves.


As previously mentioned, the game has a diverse selection of heroes with their own attributes and abilities. A couple of examples would be the vigilante and mercenary Soldier 76, crazy pyromaniac Junkrat, ape scientist Winston and guardian angel Mercy. My favourite hero is Lucio, who is in the Support class. He can heal multiple teammates simultaneously and can boost their movement speed. He can also run on walls giving him the ability to reach otherwise inaccessible places and take shortcuts.

The biggest reason I enjoy this game so much is that it appeals to quite a larger audience than expected. I rarely used to play first person shooters because I’m not very good at them and the genre is becoming very generic and saturated. But Overwatch aims to match you with other players of similar skill levels making a fair, fun and balanced game. If you come across a game that isn’t balanced, the game will switch you to a server that is. And it’s not just about killing opponents and seeing how good your individual stats are. The game pushes you to work with and strategise with your teammates which makes for a good team composition. You are also rewarded for things such as how much you heal your teammates, how much damage you block in order to protect your teammates and how much time you spend working on the objective. And it’s these rewards that separate it from lots of other first person shooters.

I think Overwatch is a game that has the ability to keep you engaged for a long time with it’s fun and fast paced action and I think it’s definitely a game worth trying out.

Overwatch is available on these platforms:

  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • PC

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