Early 2000s Trends: Should They Stay or Are They Cray?

By Candece Kenrick.

Everyone talks about bringing 80s and 90s fashion back, but what has happened to those terrific trends of the early 2000s? Some of these trends may find their way back into your closet space but others should definitely stay in the past. Lets jump into our fashionista time machines and relive those timely trends.

Source via BuzzFeed

Source via BuzzFeed

First item on my agenda is those terrific turtlenecks. These were all the rage in the men’s fashion industry. One thing I have noticed through my research is it seems every male who wore one of these shirts had a goatee! How weird is that? Okay enough about that and getting back to the real question here, should they stay or are they cray? Considering I have seen these everywhere over the past few months I would say they are a definite stay. They are popping up more often in women’s fashion and have many different variations such as; dresses, tank tops, jumpers and short-sleeved shirts.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's questionable tastes in denim. Source viaHexjam

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s questionable tastes in denim. Source via Hexjam

Next we have the denim on denim situation. I feel as if denim on denim is not that bad of an idea, unless you are completely decked out from head to toe in it! Anyone immediately have flashbacks of the photograph of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wearing nothing but denim? Or is that just me? In any case we can see that going full blown denim is an absolute no, no but as we have seen over the last couple of months, double denim has totally made a come back! This is seen usually in the style of cropped jeans or a skirt and a denim jacket. Denim will always be around no matter what style is in so I think its safe to say this trend is definitely here to stay.

Christina Aguilera, another victim of the fedora trend. Source viaPinterest

Christina Aguilera, a proud fedora supporter. Source via Pinterest

Fedoras seemed to be everywhere during the early 2000s but where are they now? These hats aren’t exactly the universal symbol of cool, yet over time they have somehow graced a wide range of heads, from old school gangsters to R& B superstars and many in between.  Even though these hats were not the worst looking things it has certainly become one of the more cray trends. I think the last time I saw someone rock a fedora they were dressing up for a 1920’s gangstas party!

Have you got any early 2000s trends in which that you love or would like to see make a come back? Do you agree with these stay or cray trends? Leave a comment and be a part of Teensoul’s conversation.

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