Captain America: Civil War Review


The newest and biggest Marvel Universe cinematic offering is the best yet.

By Andrew Dewberry

Captain America: Civil War (directed by brothers Joe & Anthony Russo) is the Marvel Cinematic Universes biggest and most anticipated release to date. And it doesn’t disappoint, making itself in my opinion the best Marvel film so far.

Captain America explores the responsibilities of superheroes/vigilantes and the consequences of their actions. Civil War does not follow your typical superhero, action genre “formula”. Instead of bombarding you with non-stop action, it balances any action with intimate moments, allowing the viewers a chance to understand these characters motives and agendas through verbal conflict and self emotional battles.

All the actors did an amazing job at reprising their roles and although this is technically a Captain America movie as opposed to an Avengers movie, with the addition of Robert Downey Jr., the overall awareness and charisma of the story was heightened. But a big stand out was the two new characters Black Panther/ T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and Spiderman/Peter Parker (Tom Holland). Although the inclusion wasn’t needed in terms of progression through the narrative, the introduction of the Black Panther and Spiderman have got me excited for their upcoming stand alone films in the coming years.

captain america

The movie’s technical side was well executed overall and only had a few inconsistencies (CGI and camera work), especially during the action scenes in the opening sequence. This made me feel a little bit concerned for the rest of the film but immediately after the opening sequence I was amazed with the CGI used to make Robert Downey Jr. look almost 30 years younger. Camera work was better with the later action scenes, where longer takes at a wide angle was used to capture the action, giving the viewer the time and clarity to register exactly what was happening on screen. This was evident at the movies climax when both sides (Team Iron Man and Team Captain America) encounter each other at the airport.

The main division between Captain America and Iron Man (which results in a civil war within the Avengers) highlights the broader societal debate around absolute power. The writers do a great job by presenting both sides of the debate (accountability vs. practicality) and not accentuating one side over the other. Although Steve and Tony resolve their physical conflict in the end, they don’t resolve their ideological differences, leaving the resolution open to interpretation by the audience as to who won.

All in all, this film is definitely worth a look if you haven’t seen it yet. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen previous Marvel movies – Captain America: Civil War is a great standalone movie. The engaging storyline, a well-balanced cast (despite the huge ensemble), combined with some awesome and thrilling action scenes makes Captain America: Civil War one of the best movies to come out of the Marvel Universe.

Photocredit: Marvel and ScreenRant


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