Karyn Sepulvida on Choosing Xaverique and Youth Homelessness

By Beverley da Silva

When I first spoke to Karyn Sepulvida, we started talking about Karyn’s passion for acting and writing and how it all began for her. It was a love for creating stories and characters, which came from a background in teaching, writing and directing drama and theatre education productions, that led her to complete her Masters in Creative Writing at Macquarie University. Whilst studying, Karyn would come up with an idea that would eventually become her first novel Choosing Xaverique.

karyn sepulvida

Choosing Xaverique explores the battle between good and evil, a key characteristic in many Young Adult urban fantasy novels, and the story centers around the main characters; Noah and Gabby. However, there is more than meets the eye with Noah and Gabby as they both harbor secrets – they are immortal, attracted to each other and both Noah and Gabby aren’t human.

“After getting a great first response from my professor, the book is finally being published after years in the making,” Karyn explained.

Apart from the tedious editing process, the marketing of the novel was initially what was she said was the “most daunting” for her, as she didn’t have any connection to social media. Surprisingly she eventually found herself loving the ability to not only advertise Choosing Xaverique through different means but she also admitted that she loved being able to connect with people who were interested in her novel.

Despite the novel taking years to create, Karyn’s passion for writing never stopped her from doing what she loves. However tedious the process was to write the book, Karyn still enjoys the creative side that writing is able to give her.

“[My favourite part about writing] would definitely be the creative aspect, the ability to create your own world, which provides an escape that in a way the writer can get involved in,” Karyn said.

One of Karyn’s most admirable traits would be her selflessness and passion for youth homelessness. After finding out that she will be donating copies of her book and part-proceeds from sales during National Youth Week to Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off the Streets charity, I wanted to know why this charity and cause meant so much to her. Karyn explained that when writing the novel, the main evil character preys on vulnerable teens and she was struck by the realization that this unfortunately happens in real life. It is not surprising that this struck a chord in Karyn as she had taught in disadvantaged schools and she understood why kids were homeless. As she was writing, she began to think about kids with no protection similar to her story, prompting her to help out Youth Off The Streets.

Photo credit: Daily Telegraph

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