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12342393_1570272233219388_674299542788100166_nHelp to Heal is an anti bullying organization that is founded and run by Myself, Candece Kenrick. This organizations main goal is to prevent bullying in schools by trying to get stricter no bullying laws. These laws would make it easier for teachers to be able to enforce the rules, even and especially in public schools. Even though public schools have no tolerance for bullying policies they are unable to enforce them, as they are public institutes run by the government.

Help to heal

One in four children in schools across Australia are victims of bullying; this increases those one in four children chances of showing symptoms of depressions and even suicidal thoughts. According to a study by Yale University victims of bullying are 7-9% more likely to commit suicide then any other person. 259 Young people aged 15-24 years commit suicide ever year in Australia. Considering the statistics that’s a lot of children in which takes their own life due to other peoples poor choices.

As I am approaching year 12 I decided I needed to make a difference. For most of my life I have been a victim of bullying and I honestly don’t know anyone who hasn’t been bullied in his or her lifetime. Our Parents and Grandparents look at bullying as a right of passage, something to make our skin thicker, but as time has gone on people have realized what issues stay with the child who is the victim of bullying and the bully themselves go on to be a bully in workplace environments.

12342390_1570273673219244_8852429396842534991_nBecome an anti-bullying advocate

Its time to make a difference the future generation is in need of our help. School should be a safe place where learning is encouraged and being yourself is appraised, we are all equal in this world no one should ever be made to feel inferior to another person. Please stand with me as we make a safer more encouraging environment for our children.

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Thankyou, Candece Kenrick.

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