A Little Bit of Sparkle in the City of Perth

Recently I have been out hunting for the best Christmas lights in Perth and even though I couldn’t explore them all I have narrowed down three houses which you really need to go check out. These holiday houses are the perfect way to get you into the festive spirit.

#3: 4 Harrisdale Drive, Harrisdale
This two-story house was beautifully decorated with lights covering the lawn and a giant Santa at the door. I think that the coolest part of this house was that all of the lights were synced to 89.3fm, which were just all Christmas songs remixed to sound even better! This Christmas house is supporting Princess Margaret Hospital foundation with a donation box parallel to their letterbox.


#2: 3 & 5 Bowlye Place, Byford
All things great come in pairs! That’s what makes these two houses a stand out for Christmas lights this year. These two houses were combined to make it appear as one giant light spectacle and it is truly spectacular. They even included Minions! And who doesn’t love minion’s right?



#1: 8 Old Brickworks Road, Byford
This house takes the cake! It is the most wonderfully decorated house I have ever seen in my life, with lights covering the entire house from the street all the way to their front door. This house is equipped with a ferris wheel, a giant Christmas tree, a carousel and even an octopus! Even though these fair rides are not to be touched the view is magnificent. As I was approaching the house I was able to sit down and have a talk to the owners and have David (owner and creator of the spectacle) tell me about the inspiration of these lights and how he got to the place he is now. The lights were based around an old English fair that his mum used to take him to during Christmas time as it was a cherished memory of his. He wanted to keep his mothers memory alive with the magic of Christmas time. All of these designs were started a mere 5 years ago starting out with just the Christmas tree and then adding as the years went on to the magnificent piece that they have today. The reason for this light show and the amount of effort they put in every year is all for the kids. David never enters into and competitions or even gets recognised out side of Byford, all of the lights are for pure joy of the children. This house supports the Make A Wish foundation, as it is an amazing cause that fits the theme of the children being all connected.
If you are going scouting for Christmas lights this house is the number 1 destination.





Words and Photography by Candece Kenrick.

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