Fashion Shoot at Grill’d Shafto Lane

Big thank you to the Grill’d team for allowing us to organise a photoshoot at their cool restaurant! We got inspired by the stylish design of the space and its laid-back atmosphere.

launchpad-1launchpad-2 launchpad-3 launchpad-6
Special thanks as well to the whole creative team, fashion director Rhiannon Bambord-Purchon, photographer Shannon Kate Photography, make-up artist Adore Design and Beauty, models Erin, Tara, Kira-Che, Kate, Matthew and David: without your time and your commitment, this project wouldn’t have been possible!

launchpad-7 launchpad-8 launchpad-9 launchpad-11 launchpad-13 launchpad-17

Do you own a cool business in Perth and want to get the word out? Flick us an email at and let’s organise a fashion shoot at your place!


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