5 Brilliant Ways To Use the Internet to help with your homework!

As exams seem to be speeding around the corner a little extra help from easily accessible resources is always a big plus! So I’m here to bring you the top five most helpful homework sites to get you through the most stressful time of year.


Your Tutor- Website

Your tutor is a seemingly easy to use website which is very easy to navigate. It provides tutoring services for all years and operates 24/7. I have personal experience with this website and think it is absolutely fantastic. There are different tutors for each subject so you get the best possible advice and direction with your studies.


Photo Math – Free App

Need help with your mathematical skills? Look no further! This app allows you to take a photo of typed equations and send them in to receive a response containing step-by-step information on how to solve these mathematical problems. This app is super effective, the only problem that has been encountered is the possibility of it being used for cheating and if you do that, what is the benefit. This app is an educational aid not a whole leg to stand on.

HW pic

HW pic – free app (in-app purchases)

This app aids students from primary school to university and has the same concept as Photo Math. This app allows you to take a photo of any piece of homework you need help with and once you have sent it in a professional tutor emails you back, in a short amount of time with the desired information that you require on that particular subject. How much more simple could it be?


Brain Fuse

Brain Fuse is a website that helps students from kindergarten all the way up to university level. This website is a virtual tutor, so instead of paying heaps of money per year for a tutor to come to your house once a week, this free website allows you to schedule a time and a session every day, week, month or year. It’s all up to you! Even though this website is American based, it still allows you to brush up on your skills and even helps with people who don’t speak English as their first language, which is always a big plus!



Revision! Revision! Revision! That’s what school is all about, don’t you agree?
With the upcoming exams for high school students this website helps you renew your knowledge about any subject that you are studying. With over 1000 practice questions for each subject this website will help make you sharp as a tack and pass those pesky exams with flying colors.

So there you have it. The five top apps and websites that can make your school life so much easier. So what are you waiting for? Go out there, study and reach for the stars. We all know the sky’sthe limit.

Written by Candece Gunton.


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