Artist of the Week: Chloe Nolan

Hi readers!

Discover our artist of the week: Chloe Nolan!

She is 17 and studies at Santa Maria College. She has been working on her drawing skills for the past 5 years. She is passionate about producing her own art, but also likes discovering different drawing styles. For her, art is an expression of yourself: you should be able to tell a lot about someone just looking at their craft.

First drawing

Chloe gets inspired by works from Jen Mann and Melissa Cooke , with her main artistic emphasis around the themes in the duality of human nature.Second drawing

Third drawing

She spends around 4 to 5 hours per drawing (!) and wishes to be a professional artist. She aims to study fine art at Curtin University.

Fourth drawing

“What interests me in art is an exploration of the duality of human nature. When there is good, there must be evil. When there is light, there must be dark and within us all there are always two sides to the story. Essentially, my work communicates the fractured nature of a young person’s conscience and ambivalence of this inner voice. I have presented two different perspectives in my piece; how young people choose to present themselves to society and how they really see themselves; the duality of human nature. My work is primarily produced in both pencil and colour pencil, as I believe it enables me to express the contrast in inner emotions of a young person, the polar opposites and good and evil.” – Chloe Nolan

Fifth drawing


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