Vintage Market

Words: Madeleine Ang

Photography: Madeleine Ang and 3 in 1 Markets

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The Three In One Markets at the Claremont Showgrounds is a fun and unique event to attend with friends or even family as there is something for everyone. It is comprised of a handmade crafts section, antiques and collectibles section and my personal favourite: the Polka Dot Vintage Market. It’s a great place for locals to interact and share common interests.

©Madeleine Ang 4

As you enter the markets, the numerous stalls of retro and vintage clothing, jewellery, plants, knick knacks draw your eye and put your treasure hunting skills to the test.

Photo courtesy of 3 in 1 Markets (5)(Photo courtesy of 3 in 1 Markets)

You are slowly surrounded by the sweet smelling aroma of caramelized nuts, fudge and cupcakes that will not fail to tempt you. The market holds many delicious gourmet goodies and has a canteen, as well as different spots selling food and drinks for lunch and snacks.

Photo courtesy of 3 in 1 Markets (1)(Photo courtesy of 3 in 1 Markets)

There are always stalls selling irresistible handmade treats, and I can never abstain from the caramelized popcorn. The cupcakes have been a favourite of my family for a while and they now insist that I bring some home whenever I attend the markets on my own!

Photo courtesy of 3 in 1 Markets (4)(Photo courtesy of 3 in 1 Markets)

Photo courtesy of 3 in 1 Markets (3)(Photo courtesy of 3 in 1 Markets)

There are many treasures to be found with an abundance of authentic vintage clothing and accessories, preloaded designer fashion and retro inspired clothing. Dozens of stalls overflow with racks of clothes, shoes, jewellery, sunglasses, hats… A dream if you love your clothing to be one of a kind! You can easily spend hours in order to find that great piece that no one else will have, let alone the antique and collector section.

Photo courtesy of 3 in 1 Markets (2)(Photo courtesy of 3 in 1 Markets)

I have always managed to find at least a few pieces of clothing I love here, some of my most worn outfits have been purchased at the Polka Dot Market. My friends and I love coming here for the great buys and the uniqueness of some of the items.

©Madeleine Ang
My tan long sleeve turtle neck I purchased from a private seller still continues to be my favourite winter wardrobe essential and it only cost me about $7! A few other loved items of mine is a blue and green cropped flannelette shirt that I bought from Miss Brown’s stall, a sleeveless red turtleneck and a black lace mini dress, all of which I purchased for under $10 each and wear on a regular basis.

©Madeleine Ang 5
As you can understand, I am someone that loves vintage fashion and the vintage part of the markets is what particularly attracted me in the first place.

©Madeleine Ang 6
After venturing out of the clothes and accessories however I came across unique and interesting stalls that I adored. One stood out in particular: it was set up by a woman named Steph, also known online as Steph Says Smile. She sells a humble variety of affirmation products that all help to promote a positive way of life and a happy and healthy lifestyle.

She creates cute and affordable products such as notepads and photo frames containing uplifting quotes. What I love about Steph is the uplifting side in everything she does, whether it be her market stall, her blog or even Instagram.

©Madeleine Ang 3
My favourite purchase from her would be my ‘Gratitude Jar’, which over the months I have filled with happy memories that remind me to have a grateful outlook on life. Check out her website and keep an eye out in case she’s at the next market!

©Madeleine Ang 2
There is usually a small fare around $6 which gives you entry into the event and to go in the draw to win a $2000 cash prize! All you have to do is give them your name, email and what was the best part of the market according to you. Children under ten get in for free and free parking is available on site though I definitely recommend using the train as it stops directly at the show grounds.

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