Album review: Purity Ring – Another Eternity – Label: 4AD, 2014

Words: Madeleine Ang

Cover photo
I was first put under the spell of Megan James and Corin Roddick aka Purity Ring, when their song “Fineshrine” from their 2012 release Shrines played in the background of a small, local boutique. The disturbing yet alluring lyrics accompanied with unusual sounds of chimes were almost enchanting. I asked the worker at the store for the name of the song and band and have never looked back since. Purity Ring quickly became one of my all time favourite artists. They are a music duo, far ahead of our time. Their electronic style sounds like listening to the music of the future.

Another Eternity - 2014 - Copyright 4ADAnother Eternity – 2014

Their highly anticipated, new album Another Eternity seems to be far more influenced by modern day pop. Their song “Body Ache” could easily be confused for one of the overplayed pop songs we hear constantly on 92.9 FM. Another Eternity is overall a great album, and its songs are generally catchy and still remain a bit out of the norm. However this latest release has made me slightly concerned that Purity Ring are starting to lose their identity, trading originality and mystery for mainstream and catchy. Megan’s delicate voice somehow manages to come off strong and powerful. Their album is like your common dance track but with an edge.

Shrines - 2012 - Copyright 4ADShrines – 2012

For me, their song “Begin Again” is that perfect balance of pop, mixed with the beautifully strange essence that is Purity Ring. This remarkable song really takes Another Eternity to the next level and breathes new life into their music. The new album is sure to suit a lot more peoples taste, relating more to modern day popular music culture. I recommend listening to their latest album to help ease yourself into the strange yet wonderful world of Purity Ring. When your truly ready to embrace the deep and dark side of them, play their album Shrines and step into the music of 2030.

Listen to “Begin Again” here

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