Concert review: Northlane, Groovin the Moo – Bunbury 2015

Words: Madeleine Ang – Photography: Niamh Tiggart

After dominating the Australian metal scene, Sydney’s metal core band Northlane took their hot form to the annual Groovin the Moo Festival. Their latest performance in Western Australia proved that whether you are fan of metal or not, Northlane can provoke a wild response from an entire live audience.

After lead singer Adrian Fitipaldes departed from the band in October 2014, Northlane have come back stronger than ever with their new lead vocalist Marcus Bridge. He has pleasantly surprised fans in fulfilling Adrian’s role and bringing positive new elements to their music. Marcus’s performance at Groovin The Moo gives no indication that he is new to the scene, with his confident energy on stage and not to mention his flawless vocal delivery.

It is apparent their live performances aren’t for the faint hearted with fans that can only be described as aggressively passionate for their music. Northlane seems more than used to hardcore fans screaming and pushing their way violently through the crowd. The audience at Bunbury Groovin The Moo went crazy the very moment they performed their first song “Quantum Flux” from their 2013 release Singularity. Fans devotedly shouted the lyrics they know all too well in time with the vocalists. Dozens of fans threw themselves into the air, as well as over the barrier in attempt to somehow capture the bands attention. At one point someone even managed to get hold of Marcus’s microphone, disturbing a second or two of their song “Masquerade”. Something about their bold and brave music influenced people to act daring and courageous in return.

Groovin the Moo 2015 proved that Northlane have a massive Australian fan base, with dozens of people attending the festival merely for their performance. With the band touring internationally in North America and Europe later this year for their new album Node, I can only predict greater fame for this incredibly talented group of guys.

>>> Discover Northlane’s latest music video: “Impulse”! <<<


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