Live Music: Leoh live at Mojos Fremantle

Tuesday 7th of July – Words & Photography: Bridey Eggleton

After months of working, recording, writing, practice and life getting in the way, the very talented Leoh have released their first EP titled “Environment”. The digital EP is available online thanks to Bandcamp and consists of 5 soul driven songs. Each song has been wonderfully written by the capable 19 year old, Franca Dobbin. Franca, originally from Nannup, is now living, writing and performing all across Perth’s music driven centre and manages to find a new place to perform nearly every week.

The “Environment” EP includes “Midnight Walks” and “Old Man” both following deep intriguing stories with an indie/alternative feel. This is spoken through lyrical genius and guitar chords that have never been heard before, augmented with the rhythm of the drums by the talented 17 year old Bill Dobbin.

As well as the recent release of the EP, Leoh are continually gigging around Perth including at the well known music hotspot of Mojos Bar in Fremantle. I managed to sneak in and watch the magic unwind on stage, with the joy of watching the bass player and special father Gary Dobbin show his dance moves. Leoh have created the new segment of the Teensoul YouTube channel of Live Music and here is our first video with them performing “True To You”.

Be sure to check out the new EP on Bandcamp!

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Suscribe to our Youtube Channel here!

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