Leoh at the North Fremantle Bowls Club

Word & Photography: Bridey Eggleton
Concert – Leoh, Friday 1st of May 2015, North Fremantle Bowls Club

Leoh pic 1

The three-piece band from country Nannup is starting to create a name for themselves in Perth’s big smoke, playing gigs nearly every week, Leoh is beginning to spread their sound.

Franca Dobbin has played and loved music ever since she could remember and was inspired by her parent’s musical passion. “Leoh has only existed since half way through 2014, however the band members, since it is my brother and my dad, we have played together since we could play”, says Franca. This love for music was turned into something more when she began to express herself through writing her own songs and finding her own sound.

The indie-alternative trio consists of Franca, Bill and Gary Dobbin. Franca beautifully sings lead vocals of songs she has created herself while plucking the strings of her electric guitar. Her younger brother Bill smashes his heart out on the drums making sure his headband doesn’t slide off. The 16 year old has a bright future ahead of him with the ability to play acoustic and electric guitar as well as the ukulele. Gary, the father of the two talented youngsters, sang backup vocals, played bass guitar and showed the audience his brilliant dance moves.

Leoh 2

Leoh worked together and brought the magic of “What I’m Not” to life. Starting off with just the strumming of her guitar along with the bass, it created a mellow sound which was soon accompanied by her indie like vocals. When she reached the chorus of “its what I am not what I’m not, its all I give its all I got, its not enough its not enough” the gentle tapping of the ride cymbal joined the two electric guitars before dwindling out to just the guitars and Franca’s remarkable voice. As the song continued the strumming strengthened and Gary began to back up on vocals as well as Bill beginning to show off his drumming genius. As the song was ending it faded back to the guitars, the cymbals and Franca’s voice leaving the audience in awe.

Leoh 3

Creating unique sounds for each song they played the enthusiasm showed on stage was inspiring as the family shared smiles on stage as well as some head banging and wicked dance moves. Each song shared the warm homely feeling while Franca’s voice gave you chills. The lyrics were really meaningful and I could see the crowd could truly relate to the songs.

Leoh knows how to charm an audience with their chilling vocals, astounding talents and who could forget the rocking moves on stage: be sure to keep your eye out for this up and coming local band.

To get updates for when Leoh are performing, be sure to like their Facebook page and subscribe to their YouTube channel:



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