Teensoul Issue #6

With the participation of:

Writers: Mardhia Amin, Taylar Amonini,
Rhiannon Bamford-Purchon, Liam Blyth,
Samantha Crkovsky, Tim Dempsey,
Jessica McGovern, Liam Spurgeon,
Anneliese Sullivan, Sofia Tkatchenko

Photographers: Phil Hill, Renier Van
Niekerk, Kieran Peek

Graphic Designers/Illustrators:
Laurence Meyer, Lexy Ramirez, Lilian

Models: Kenya Johnson, Jeremiah
Oliveri, Ryan Sigley

With special thanks to (in order of appearance):
Transit, Fremantle Markets, Meteorite Gaming, Student Edge, Perth Youth Theatre, West Coast Futsal, Tutti Frutti, Youth Focus, Alta-1, Thefisherboys, Bree De Rome, Sable, Pilerats, Child’s Play, Lunatics On Pogosticks

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