HyperFest Series: Rag N’ Bone

Interviewer: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

We chatted up a storm with Perth outfit Rag N’ Bone at HyperFest. Check out the interview below to read up on their musings and advice for aspiring artists.

What was your first experience with music?

Axel: I specifically remember my first experience with music, I was two years old and we were driving from one country town to another and it was all three kids in the back singing Rage Against The Machine ‘Killing In The Name’.

Kiera: Mine was at Christmas and I sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I think I was about four and I was wearing an angel dress.

Jamie: I have no idea, probably watching Thomas the Tank Engine.

Sara: My dad always played guitar but I think the first thing I can remember was winning a dance competition when I was three to ‘Thieves In The Temple’

How did you come up with the name Rag N’ Bone?

Kiera: Well we went through a few, one of them was Summertime Duck.

Axel: I’m still convinced of that name!

Kiera: I think Rag N’ Bone came about ‘cause I was looking around at the rag n’ bone men, which were the old guys who used to collect people’s bones and rubbish, throw it on the back of a cart and then walk through the town and yeah that was our aesthetic!

Now you guys were first up on the main stage, did you have a pre-set ritual or tradition that you went through before performing?

Axel: Uh live in fear! (laughs)

Kiera: But yeah nothing sort of ritual like, we just try to encourage each other and get the calm before the storm happening. I think that’s when we’re really energetic people, when we’re on stage.

Who is one artist you’d love to collaborate with and why?

Axel: I’d say Ronald Jones from The Flaming Lips, he was their guitarist for like two albums in the ‘90s. He had the most ridiculous, amazing guitar sound so I’d love to collaborate with him just so we could make spatial noises.

Kiera: I think out of everyone probably PJ Harvey because every album is different and she’s got a pretty massive collection of weird instruments. It’d be pretty cool to get my hands on all the different percussion instruments.

Sara: Jackson Pollock.

Jamie: I honestly can’t think of anyone right now but probably just to get the opportunity to talk to him, I’d say Elvis.

What advice would you give to teens wanting to get into writing, producing and performing their own music?

Axel: Start immediately and do it as much as possible! Do it every day!

Jamie: Book yourself a gig so you have a deadline. If you book a gig you’ll make sure you have a set together by that day.

Kiera: Write songs, doesn’t matter if they’re good or bad and reach out to local resources!

Image Credit: Fabrizio Francazi


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