Ed Sheeran at Perth Arena

Words: Bridey Eggleton

As Australia prepared for Easter and stocked up on chocolate, the city of Perth prepared for Ed Sheeran, aka Ginger Jesus, for his last two shows of his sold out Australian Tour.


The house lights of the Perth Arena slowly dimmed and the audience began to roar. Conrad Sewell the boy from Brisbane entered the stage and began singing his heart out. Sewell has chased his dreams from the age of eight and is slowly making a name for himself with his single ‘Hold Me Up’ having over 22,438 plays on SoundCloud. It was obvious he was new to performing in front of large audiences and continued to try his hardest to involve them in some way. In his final song he asked for everyone to turn their phone torches on and wave them, there was a half-hearted effort from the audience but he was given a hearty applause as he left the stage after his second last performance.

Jamie Lawson was next to grace the sold out arena. The UK singer enlightened the audience with the news that he was the first person to be signed by Ed Sheeran’s new label. Accompanied by his guitar he sang his lungs out and continued to get the audience to join in with his songs; clapping, singing the chorus and he even did a video selfie with the whole arena. With his debut single ‘Wasn’t Expecting That’ climbing the iTunes chart in Australia and New Zealand he joked to the audience if that everyone downloaded it he would make number one, and that’s where the song is now sitting!


Anticipation continued to rise in the audience as we all waited patiently for the revelled red head to enter on stage. The house lights dimmed once again and the arena went wild. The stage was lit with blue and a spot light followed Ed as he entered the stage wearing jeans, a white t-shirt and carrying his trusty guitar. Immediately strumming his guitar he jumped straight into singing ‘I’m A Mess’ from his second album ‘Multiply’. Screams and shouts of excitement echoed as he went on to sing ‘Lego House’. The screens hanging behind him began to display animation of Lego in motion as well as projections being beamed onto his face for the audience among to the arena to see.

With his three microphones, loop pedal at his feet, and running on and off of his three main guitars (two acoustic and one electric) Ed continued to delight the audience. Raising the beat and atmosphere he began to construct ‘Don’t’  live on stage. With the help of the microphones on continuous loop, the pedals at his feet and his guitar he brought the song to life.  Taking the microphone off the stand he began to dance around the stage while somehow playing his guitar at the same time.  Getting the audience to clap in time he started a beat for his next song ‘No Diggity’. The whole of the arena sang with him and he then jumped into ‘Nina’ with the same rhythm and loop playing. With a smile on his face he began to rotate through the three songs as a mash-up rendition, finishing with the chorus of ‘Don’t’.


Swapping his acoustic for an electric guitar he asked the audience for this to be his one quiet song and sent around an auditorium ‘shh’. He then began to play ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and some sobbing could be heard throughout the arena. After another guitar swap and some fiddling with the foot pedals he started to sing a combo of ‘Feeling Good’ and ‘I See Fire’. However during his performance a group of people in the mosh turned their phone lights on and started to try and draw attention to the security guards at the mosh pit barriers. Continuing to play his guitar Ed stopped singing and spoke directly to the security guards “can you please get someone out there because there is obviously something going on”. He finished the song and apologised once it ended. “Sorry I interrupted the song but it looked like something pretty serious was happening in the mosh”.

The ginger haired Brit didn’t wait any longer and began his second last song of the night ‘The A Team’. As a request he asked everyone who had a light on their phone to raise it, even with the 1% battery life I still took part in what looked like a sea of stars within the arena. With his final song of ‘Give Me Love’ the audience was split in half, one side given the high harmony and the other given the low as he sang out the fast paced lyrics and ran off the stage with the audience roaring.

With the arena in complete darkness and echoing with screams, shouts and the sounds of clapping Ed re entered the stage for his encore. Spitting some sounds in the microphones they began to loop, he then concentrated on his foot pedals linking all of the beats together as he started to strum and sing ‘You Need Me , I Don’t Need You’. Running to the front of the stage and standing on blocks he started to mix in ‘Fancy’ and encouraged the audience to sing with him as he angled the microphone to the mosh pit. With his final song of the night being ‘Sing’ the whole audience began to shoulder dance with some jumping to their feet, one elderly lady even started to sway her hips and swing her arms around her head. Reaching the last lines of his song he made sure the audience continued to sing the chorus over and over again as he left the stage. Even as the lights came back on the chorus was still being sung between the screaming and crying from the audience.


You didn’t need to be an obsessive fan girl to enjoy this concert as Ed Sheeran showed his one man band talent on stage and demonstrated how he cared about every member of the audience and their safety. Leaving the concert with my ears ringing from the screaming, speakers and angelic voice I must admit a few tears were shed after listening to the awe-inspiring voice of Ed Sheeran.


Image Credits: Chris Kerr


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