This Weeks Music Reviews

Words: Bridey Eggleton

Here are two albums you’re bound to be playing on repeat this week!

Ed Sheeran // ‘Runaway’


The British pop, folk, and hip-hop sensation Ed Sheeran, who’s making his way down under in less than two months, has recently released his new album ‘Multiply’. We see a new side to Ed while he spits out the lyrics and makes a fresh beat, rather different from his usual love song persona. In his new song ‘Runaway’ the rhythm throughout is danceable and once you’ve heard it for the fourth time you start to listen to the lyrics that have created this master piece. Following the struggles of father and son relationship and the want to run away, the chorus will make you think, while you try to slow your ‘lame dad at a barbecue dance moves’.

“There’s nothing to say cos he knows, I’ll just runaway and be on my own.” The fast paced beat, lyrics and his shiver invoking voice will make you want to listen to this tune on repeat. Ed has certainly mixed things up, think Eminem’s pace (almost), Katy Perry’s beats (kinda) and the voice of an angel (most definitely). This combination of styles has worked in his favour, creating an album with several songs that are worthy of a good dance and several others that will make you bawl like a baby. ‘Multiply’ will continue to be on my playlist, and if it’s not on yours, boy are you missing out!

San Cisco // ‘Run’


San Cisco, Perth’s four member alternative indie band has recently released ‘Gracetown’ an album continuing on with their groovy upbeat sound. The album’s featured and most favoured track ‘Run’ is an exciting sneak peek of what San Cisco have in stall for their listeners and sets the tone for the album. The track is stacked with catchy lyrics such as “…I can be all that you want baby don’t talk talk don’t talk!” sung by Jordi Davieson and accompanied by rhythmic percussion, cruisey guitars, a synth keyboard and some cheeky panting/heavy breathing. ‘Run’ covering all bases is guaranteed to be stuck in your head and on repeat all day, so here is your pass to disco with San Cisco.

Images © of respective artists

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