Stay Young, Go Dancing

Words: Rhiannon Bamford-Purchon

With dresses sourced from charity shops and op shops, Teensoul took to the streets in this urban-inspired fashion shoot.

stay young, go dancing

This season popular styles include; 3 Quarter Length Dresses, popular in the 90’s, (think; 10 Things I Hate About You), bold jewel colours, and two-toned pieces (think sapphire and emerald, deep, bold colours that suit most complexions and are also going to really make your eye make-up pop)!

For your formal this year instead of a diamanté studded look, for something different, try a beaded ball gown (specifically in metallic golds and silvers), this will really help if you’re a little light on the accessories, and can finish off your outfit if you’re planning on having block coloured shoes.

Going to a date’s ball? Why not opt for a shorter dress? They are so versatile you can wear them again by dressing them down as party dresses, and if you’re going op-shopping, it can save you a lot of moolah while still looking great (we got ours for $10 at a thrift store)! Another one of the biggest looks this season (and every season…ever) is classic red (think Femme Fatale, Jessica Rabbit) with a bright red lip and smoky eye it’s unbeatable for a stunning ball look. There is a shade for everyone whether it’s ‘Blood Orange’ or ‘Garnet’ almost everyone looks good in red. A good rule to follow when picking a colour that’s really going to bring out your skin tone and features is, “the lighter the skin, the darker the red.” Now go forth and strut your stuff Teensoulers and remember that you want to be comfortable in what you’re wearing so you can dance the night away (and also eat all the delicious food).

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Stylist: Rhiannon Bamford-Purchon

HMUA: Be You-tiful

Model: Tara of Launchpad Models


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