This Week’s Music Reviews

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Here’s a sneak peek into what’s been playing in the Teensoul office this week and just what we love about these tracks…

Cold Clinical Love // ‘Bullet Youth’


Say hello to new ear bliss track ‘Bullet Youth’ by the contagious collaborative group Cold Clinical Love! The song doesn’t even hit the three-minute mark and it’s already inspiring nostalgia in me.The track starts off with a vague soundscape and resonant vocals and really builds, with elements of plucky notes that add to the mood of the song before a deep mutated vocal lick signals the drop, ‘Bullet Youth’ from here on out develops a serious beat fit for road trip cruising on the open road. The mellifluous vocals top off the spectrum of sounds, keeping each phrase catchy and worthy of some minor grooving. The electronic atmosphere coupled with the pop undertone has resulted in a track worthy of a mix CD (yes I still make those). Cold Clinical Love has got some serious airplay ahead of them after this and their previous track Bob Dylan’ (which definitely has drawn some influence from the musical stylings of Jinja Safari – we’ll attribute that one to Marcus Azon).

Marksman Lloyd // ‘Rewrite The Ending’


With an array of energetic repertoire, Marksman is making an impact in Australia’s hip hop scene.  His new single Rewrite The Ending’ starts off with an intro that gets your head nodding, setting the scene for the lyrical stylings that present a brutally honest take on his life. Teensoul give him points for calling it as it is and for bringing back the DJ scratch! The build for the song is subtle but empowering, leading into the hook that chorus’s the voice of the underdog and never staying down no matter what because it’s never too late to change things.

Split Feed // ‘Underground’


If ‘garagey’ was a word then that’s how I’d describe Split Feed, the Newcastle whipper snappers pack a lot of punch. The intro and chorus to Underground’ give listeners a real feel for the energy the song holds, with its verses further illustrating the cruisy rock vibe. When the bridge graces us with its presence the build up fuels your bones as the tempo changes, welcoming you to a catchy guitar riff you just know you’ll be playing air guitar to later. With everything I envision in a quality rock song ‘Underground,’ is worth a listen. Teensoul highly recommends ‘Space Arcade’ too!

tUnE-yArDs // ‘Water Fountain’


Teensouler’s prepare to witness the weird world of Merrill Garbus’ brainchild tUne-yArDs. Water Fountain’ from the ‘Nikki Nack’ album thrusts Garbus and bassist Nate Brenner into a familiar urban world of double-dutch, tossing schoolyard chants against energetic rhythms. Over an exuberant chatter – and a bunch of ‘woo-hahs’, each more in check than the last – Garbus’ lyrics state the unusual: Phoneless phone booths, two-pound chicken dinners, and words that sound like a floral bouquet. Take a deep drink from the ‘Water Fountain’ though and you’re liable to detect a little arsenic. “Nothing feels like dying like the drying of my skin and lawn,” Garbus sings early on. Is she taking a stand against water shortages in her city or examining the dried up bones of a past relationship? The reflection coming off the ‘Water Fountain’ is not very clear.

Images © of respective artists

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